The specialty papers production district

The specialty papers production district

Mosaico produces specialty papers in five production plants, located in Northern Italy, with seven production lines.

Mosaico produces beyond 400,000 tons of paper every year thanks to its seven paper machines, flanked by complementary machines: coupler, embossers, extruders, etc..

The production organization of Mosaico implies that several paper mills can produce the same product even with different characteristcs (weights, finishes, etc.). This makes it possible to serve large, medium and small customers, responding efficiently to large volumes or niche requests.

Mosaico’s Production Plants

MG and one-side coated papers and specialty papers
Lugo di Vicenza
Woodfree one-side coated and two-side coated papers for graphic and technical purposes
Uncoated woodfree papers for offset printing, envelopes, office. MG light weight paper for food packaging and technical applications
One-side coated and two-side coated papers
MG kraft and PE papers
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