Cup Board: sustainability in a cup

Cup Board: sustainability in a cup

Cup Board is born from pure cellulose: meet the special Mosaico’s paper, ideal for producing recyclable and sustainable cups and bowls.

Mosaico's special papers make choosing the path of sustainability and ecology really easy... like drinking a cup of water.

And the cup will be obviously in Cup Board – the natural cardboard made of pure cellulose and suitable for food contact, 100% recyclable.

For applications where plastic is the most widely used material, Mosaico introduces an innovative and eco-friendly alternative to produce food containers that are entirely fibre-based. With Cup Board, even food containers can make a strong and clear statement for the future of the food packaging sector: less waste and less plastic!

Produced with pure cellulose, a renewable and natural raw material, Cup Board takes shape in disposable cups and food containers that have it all: safe, solid and ecological. Its characteristics and its stiffness make Cup Board perfectly suitable for hot and cold food or drinks. The versatility of the product also makes Cup Board adaptable to different applications, with room for creativity and customization to create packagings that are top quality and also environmentally friendly.

A packaging alternative with low-emissions and low environmental impact, that never gives up on practicality.

Cup Board is the ecological solution that guarantees a top performance while keeping an eye on user experience and aesthetics. To satisfy the most demanding applications, Cup Board combines its premium characteristics with the sustainability in production and disposal processes.

Produced with sustainable raw materials and totally recyclable, Cup Board belongs to the range of Mosaico papers for technical uses and is available in reels and sheets, in versions with PE and biopolymer, with substances of 195 and 250 g/m².

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